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The Hostage Rescue Attempt In Iran, April 24-25, 1980

Reception at Fort McNair for the Former Hostages


Here is the reception for those involved with the mission,held at Fort McNair in Washington D.C. and those involved with the group, "No Greater Love", the organization that planned the affair this day.


The gentleman standing with his back to us in the green Army coat, is retired General Vaught, the man in charge in Washington, that got all the people and forces together to accomplish the mission. He is holding a video camera in front of him, filming the unvieling of a new stamp, entitled, "Hostages Come Home", which the Post Office released as a part of their 'Celebrate the Century' series. This stamp is in the 1980's section, and only comes with all the others, you cannot get it alone. (...sigh) and the Post Office I contacted searched through their records, and they have not heard of it yet.


Here in this photo, several former Hostages stand on the right hand side of the unvieled stamp. I cannot remember all the names, but from left to right, they are: Dick Morehead, Consul General; unknown; Jimmy Lopez, fomer Marine Security Guard, later became a Marine Commisioned officer; and another unknown.

There were more in line, but they did not make the photo. I did get to meet Barry Rosen, also, he is still further to the right in this photo.


You can view the rest of this set, for the 1980's, at this web site

This is a close-up of the new stamp, celebrating the return of the Hostages to the United States. You can get this stamp with the collection of Stamps from the Post Office. The stamp set that this stamp comes with is a part of the Celebrate the Century Collection. I'm gonna buy a million of them!

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